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Sangha's programming is centered around important life skills to set our residents up for success:

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Financial Literacy

One of the most important pieces of programming is financial literacy; we believe that our residents have bright futures, and teaching them how to save money, pay off debt, keep up with financial obligations, and build a functional budget helps ensure they stay on a solid path.

Career Readiness

We encourage our residents to work towards a career, not just a job. We teach them how to build a resume, prepare for an interview, and be a good employee. We also work with Tulsa Work Advancement through Madison Strategies for our residents who wish to pursue job specific training.

Community Involvement

Nobody wants to feel alone in a crowd.  Who we surround ourselves with plays a huge part in how we feel, and how we see ourselves.  Sangha, Inc. is a community where nobody has to hide who they are, and everybody is accepted - not despite our differences, but because of our differences.  We also believe that the best way to become a part of a community is to be of service to it, so expect to run into us around town helping where we can!


We encourage our residents to work toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We have a gym membership for our residents, access to counseling and psychiatric resources, and encourage them to engage in their church or other spiritual fellowship. Sponsorship/mentorship are requirements for our residents, as well.