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Community Involvement

“Sangha” is the Sanskrit word for “community.” And we take it to heart.

Sangha is more than just a program. We are a group of men dedicated to supporting each other on our recovery journeys. When a new member joins, he is welcomed by the entire organization and becomes an integral part of our network. Community means together. And together we create hope for the future.

In a greater sense, Sangha belongs to the community of Tulsa. As the only Level 3 Certified Recovery Residence in the region, our mission is crucial to the men of this city. We hold an active role in caring for Tulsa and, as a result, we guide our men to become similarly active citizens. Sangha provides gym memberships, boxing classes, financial guidance, and more. On Thursdays, we take our men to volunteer at City Lights Foundation’s “Under the Bridge” ministry, serving the unhoused men and women of downtown Tulsa.

From support to service, we create opportunities to give back to Tulsa. And by doing so, we become a stronger community ourselves.

Are you looking for a way to get involved? Sangha’s operations are made possible through the support of generous Tulsans like you. Join us in serving the men of the city by donating. Any amount makes an impact.