Sangha Lewiston

For residents who have completed Sangha’s house programming, we offer a second phase of programming which simulates independent apartment living.  Through a grant with the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, in conjunction with Mental Health Association Oklahoma, Sangha now holds leases on several apartment units in South Tulsa.

Residents who take advantage of this option will enjoy a room of their own in a furnished 2 bed and 2 bath apartment.  They will not be required to sign a lease, as Sangha hold the master lease on these units, however they will sign a resident agreement similar to the one they signed before moving into the Sangha House.  Residents will enjoy more freedoms and less restrictions, and have the option to stay between 6 and 12 months.

Residents will continue to have regular contact with Sangha staff, undergo regular drug testing, and are encouraged to be mentors to residents who have transitioned into the house in their place.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our residents to “try on for size” an independent living situation before committing to a legally binding lease agreement.