Resources to Launch Into a New Life

More Than a Sober Living

"I have lived in several different sober living environments.  I have also managed several of them later in my recovery.  So, I have seen from both sides what works and what doesn't work, and what improvements are needed to really help the residents launch back into real life as a socially responsible and productive citizen.  At Sangha, I strive to use that knowledge to gather as many useful resources as possible to bring to the table for our residents.  This is one of the places where I think we really set ourselves apart from other sober living environments, and this makes me proud."  -Marcus Abernathy, Executive Director

Residents at Sangha get more than a safe place to crash at night, they are provided with numerous resources to assist them while they start on their journey into recovery.  Because Sangha in a nonprofit, we are able to have a more "hands on" approach with our residents and their transition.  This does not mean we micro-manage them, rather we are available when we are needed.  Not only are we available, we are armed with resources from access to a free medical clinic, to felony-friendly staffing services.

Residents currently have a full access gym membership (within walking distance of the house) which includes yoga classes, free weights, showers and spa rooms.  We have also arranged preferred access to four staffing agencies - two of which are able to assist applicants who have felony charges on their record.  Sangha is implementing a mentorship program for residents who are nearing their transition into independent living, where they can apply to be paired with a successful member of the Tulsa Community who has offered to share their time, encouragement, and advice.  Recently, conversations with Tulsa Tech have begun regarding accessibility to a variety of training and skill-building classes.  We also try to regularly take our residents on team building activities like rock climbing, paintball, camping and trips to the lake (weather permitting.) 

Sangha really does love Tulsa!  Executive Director Marcus Abernathy is a member of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, while Sangha's House Manager Dylan Witt is an active member of Tulsa Young Professionals (TYPros).  Each of them are constantly seeking to build new and fruitful relationships within the Tulsa Community. Our mission is to help our residents become productive and socially responsible members of the Tulsa Community, and each of these relationships help us fulfill that mission. As the name Sangha means “community” – that is truly what we are building; a community of men supporting each other in their recovery. It is beautiful to witness!

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In order to continue to provide our residents with a "home-like" atmosphere and the resources to keep them moving forward while they re-integrate into the Tulsa Community, we rely on donations from compassionate people like yourself to keep our bills paid.  Please consider becoming a donor to Sangha.  We accept donations through the Tulsa Community Foundation - click the button below to be taken to their donation portal.

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About Us

Meet Marcus Abernathy:

Marcus Abernathy, Executive Director of Sangha, Inc. at The Gathering Place in Tulsa, OK.

Marcus started his own journey into recovery in 2012, after battling a devastating addiction to painkillers and heroin.  Since then, he has received a Master's Degree in Spiritual and Depth Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, and  for the last four years has been working as an inpatient therapist in Phoenix.  Realizing his passion for helping others, and remembering his roots in Tulsa, he decided to move back and leverage his experience and knowledge to bring recovery support back home; thus, Sangha, Inc.